Information for Clients


Museum Translate is a global, not-for-profit organisation offering professional translation of text displayed in museums and galleries, free of charge. At Museum Translate we believe that information displayed in museums and galleries should be comprehensible to as many visitors as possible which will help ensure a greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures and historical events. Offering museum text in a range of languages is an excellent way to engage a wider audience of visitors.


Museum Translate understands that museums and galleries have limited financial resources so may struggle to fund the provision of translation services. That is why we exist as a non-profit organisation whose team of dedicated, highly-skilled volunteers provide this service for free.


How it works:

  • A copy of all text you require to be translated is submitted by you to us
  • The text is distributed amongst our team of volunteers who translate the text according to specified deadlines
  • Translated text is proof-read by an alternative member of the team and any necessary amendments are made
  • The translated text is sent to you, ready to be displayed in your museum


Please note that all text is treated confidentially and a privacy agreement is entered between ourselves before you submit any text to us to guarantee the protection of your work.


If you wish to use our service or require further information contact our CEO directly at:


Alternatively, you can submit a message on our contact page.


We look forward to working with you.